Isn't It Ridiculous That Something Like This Exists This Is The World's Largest Swimming Pool


There’s nothing better than lounging by the pool or having a quick dip to cool down. Some folks even like to swim a few lengths but if you try and do that in this pool it might take you a while.

Covering an area of almost 20 acres the pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile holds the Guinness World Record of having the biggest pool in the world.

It is also the deepest, at a depth of 115 feet and boasts a length of 3324 feet. In fact it is so large it can be used for windsurfing, SCUBA diving and even sailing.

The pool holds 66 million gallons of saltwater which is pumped from the sea and filtered until crystal clear.

There’s even an indoor pool within the main pool and a man made beach.



This impressive resort not only has the worlds biggest pool it also boasts stunning natural  beach views.

Watch the video below.