With the expansion of blogging as a source of information and entertainment, many bloggers around the world have achieved an almost cult like status. These bloggers have become stars of a sort in their own online communities. Blogs can be about anything, and they are, but one of the most entertaining types to read are comedy blogs. They are literally created to make you giggle. In the following article,we reveal the top 10 comedy bloggers today, and why you should follow them.


1. The Onion


Not necessarily a blog by definition, the Onion is a classic go-to for many comedy readers out there. They post satirical world news for their viewers, and based on the size and popularity of the company, they are among the best.

2. Maturity is for Suckers


Self-proscribed man-child, Jeff Kay, runs this site. If you enjoy a good raunchy laugh, and generally escaping the formalities of adult life, you will definitely get a kick out of his blog.



3. Pleated-Jeans


Pleated-jeans posts multiple times a day and features pictures, videos, and articles alike. Several tabs on the site also gives readers flexibility as to what they want to read or see.



4. Regretful Morning


Regretful Morning has a section entitled ‘Funny’, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Similar to pleated-jeans the site posts pictures, videos, and articles too that will knock you out of your chair from laughter.



5. Fail Blog


This comedy blog features videos and pictures of people generally failing. From wipeouts to basketball shots gone wrong, this blog will leave you in tears from laughing at others’ misfortune.



6. Crap At My Parents House


Not straying far from its name, this blog shows readers items they may find at their parents house (i.e. knick- knacks, plaques, etc.). At first thought, this may not seem all that funny, but let me remind you, there are some strange people out there. Generally speaking, strange people tend to have strange funny things.



7. My Life is Average


This site is great for the sole reason that the stories on here are all real. The administrators invite readers to share their entertaining stories with other viewers. The sense of community, and the chance to find comedy in others’ misfortune offers an extremely humouring experience.



8. Un Mom


For some classic comedy – blog style, readers might find un mom the most enticing choice. She blogs about her life experiences in detail, and always seems to find the humour in any situation.



9. Cake Wrecks


For the culinary (more specifically baking) challenged viewers out there, you will undoubtedly get a good kick out of this site. The administrators post pictures of cakes that have seemed to fail, or are just generally hilarious.



10. Not Your Average Mom


Not your average mom is a fan favourite for all the mothers out there who have experienced that struggle. Being the mother to a child is full of ups and downs, and, luckily, Susie of Connecticut finds the humour in raising her 7 children.