Everyone needs to take a break now and then, time to slow down and recharge the batteries. Sometimes we don’t realise just how much we have become stressed and wound up by the trials and tribulations life throws at us. Whether it’s work or family or some other external factor that piles on the pressure, there is only so much we can physically take before we need to blow the release valve.



Here are some of the typical signs that it’s time to call the travel agent.

1. You want to sell your children.

Kids have an amazing knack of knowing exactly which buttons to press at just the right times, leaving you ready to explode at the slightest little thing. When you feel you want to sell your children or even just give them away to the child catcher it’s probably time to pick up the brochures.

2 People ask if you are ok/ tell you to smile

When the office junior who has no idea about life tells you to “smile” (a sure fire way to get a smack in the mouth) or you are constantly being asked if you are ok, ask yourself if perhaps you need to destress and hit the beach.

3.  You make mistakes

We all make mistakes, sure, to err is human. But if you put that important memo in the shredder instead of the copier, or you lose your car keys in the refrigerator, maybe its a sign.

4. You feel negative about everything

If you’d rather hang yourself than hang a picture, fear not, help is at hand. Simply put down the rope and pick up the phone to the travel agent.

5. You can’t sleep

Aaaaahh, the dreaded insomnia. There’s nothing worse than suffering long periods of sleeplessness, often caused by the stresses of work or something preying on the mind. It can really screw with your system too. A week or two in a nice quiet resort will sort that right out.

6. You reach for the bottle

A hard day at the office followed by a hard night’s drinking does not a good combination make. If you find you are drinking excessively this could be due to stress and trying to ‘drown your sorrows’. Ditch the bottle, grab a brochure.

7. Your health is suffering

Tiredness, bags under the eyes, skin problems, putting on weight, all signs that you are overworked and stressed. Take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

8. Your skin tone is white

Spending all your time indoors? Forgotten what the sun looks like? If your skin is so white that you look like a sheep, it’s probably sign that you could do with a few rays.

9. Your friends annoy you

We all have those days where we snap at someone for no reason. But when your friends and family are constantly getting on your nerves, you might find that the problem is you and not them. Just saying!

10. The smallest things create the biggest problems

You’ve just snapped because someone put a knife in the fork section of the drawer, or the store ran out of milk. When the smallest things have you flying off the handle, it’s time to take some time out to chill.


As we have seen, often it’s the smallest things that can tip us over the edge. Over time, we become blinkered to the fact and explode when things don’t go our way. Most people don’t need an excuse for a holiday but if the signs are present, maybe we should take notice.