If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Marty McFly then this could be just for you. The Airboard 1.0 from British company theairwheel.com could be set to become the next big thing for tech savvy travellers wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Image Credit: Airwheel Ltd

The Airboard 1.0 is a self balancing platform with a wheel at each end and pressure pads that can be operated by movements of the toes.

Instructions for operating the Airboard 1.0 are simple. Lean forward to move forward, lean backwards to move back and if you lean too far get ready to faceplant.

With a range of around 12 miles on a single charge and a top speed of just 8mph, the Airboard 1.0 looks like amazing fun, but don’t dispose of your Oyster card just yet.

Image credit: Airwheel Ltd